Cumbria County Council Budget Consultation

Setting Council Tax

for 2019/20

The first step is to consult with you on this year’s proposed Council Tax increase.

We appreciate that some residents may be facing financial challenges and uncertainty about the future. However we have a legal requirement to set a balanced budget and therefore we have carefully considered this year’s proposed Council Tax increase.


For the last four years, Cumbria County Council has worked hard to keep any increase to a minimum. We have increased general Council Tax by just 1.99%. The limit set by government, above which a referendum would be required, is 2.99%.


Every 1% increase in Council Tax generates approximately £2m of income to the council. This additional money has helped protect vital services. On top of this, the government has introduced the ability to apply an Adult Social Care Precept, to help fund the increasing cost pressures that councils experience in relation to the provision of Adult Social Care. The precept will be delivered over a three year period, totalling a 6% increase in resources. Next year is the final year of this precept. We intend to increase this by 2% – consistent with the last two years.

This year we are seeking your views on:

A 1.99% increase in Council Tax from 2018/19 (below current cost of inflation).

Continue with the government’s additional 2% Adult Social Care precept.

This makes a total increase in Council Tax of 3.99% for 2019/20.

This table shows what a 3.99% increase would look like for each council tax band.

From 1 April 2020, the framework for the funding of local government will change. Government is due to implement a spending review in 2019 and launch consultations relating to the amount of business rates generated locally that will be retained, in addition to Council Tax, to fund local services and adult social care services.

This adds uncertainty to budget planning and therefore, in planning for years beyond 2020, the council may need to consider increasing general Council Tax levels to the referendum threshold, currently set at 2.99%. This will be consulted on.