Cumbria County Council Budget Consultation

The Council Plan


Cumbria County Council is committed to improving outcomes for the people of Cumbria. If we are to deliver on this then the council must do things differently.

Our Council Plan highlights the many challenges ahead of us, as well as the many opportunities for doing things differently. We must make the most of these new opportunities, work with local communities and residents, utilise the latest technology and maximise the talent of the council’s workforce.


The plan sets out the vision, the outcomes we want to achieve for the people of Cumbria and the approaches we will use to achieve these outcomes.

Our vision

A council that works with residents, businesses, communities and other organisations to deliver the best services possible within the available resources.

By putting customers at the heart of everything we do we will work to ensure:

  • People are safe and healthy
  • Places in Cumbria are well connected and thriving
  • The economy in Cumbria is growing and benefits everyone


We will achieve this by focusing on these core principles:


  • Supporting communities to thrive
  • Focusing on the most vulnerable
  • Promoting independence and managing demand